Dental Patients Encouraged To Download Sugar Smart App


We all know there’s been a lot in the news in recent months about the possibility of introducing a sugar tax on fizzy drinks to combat obesity. Food and drinks containing a high level of sugar can be damaging to our overall general and oral health. When reading through an article in Dentistry Magazine this morning, I was interested to see that dental patients are being urged to download an app to their phones which will allow them to scan the bar code on products to check the amount of sugar. The aim is to combat tooth decay and conditions related to sugar intake and obesity. It’s hoping that more people will be able to take control of the amount of sugar they consume and the app is also useful for detecting hidden sugars in some products. Hidden sugars are present in pasta sauces and soups rich in tomatoes, ketchup, bread and salad dressings. Let us know if you have downloaded the app and if you can see or feel any improvements in your general health or oral hygiene!

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