Leicester Teeth Whitening Offer On Now!


A white smile makes us feel good. It looks good and does something to our confidence which keeps us smiling. With the warmer, sunnier days hopefully just around the corner, why not think about teeth whitening with your Leicester dentist? We currently have an offer on our home whitening. Your dentist will make you a mould here at the practice and send them off for your custom made trays to be made at the lab. Once you are ready to start treatment, pop a small drop of the whitening gel in each tooth on your trays and pop them in for a couple of hours. I topped my teeth up last night and the hardest part for me was just struggling to talk with them in! (I have to talk a lot, it’s my thing!) I just pottered around the house whilst they were in and the time flew! Anyway, if you would like to talk about your options for the teeth whitening or any other cosmetic treatments, book in for a free consultation and lets draw up a treatment plan for you!

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