Membership Plan

Limited NHS funding means dental practices like Hallcross are restricted to how many treatments they can provide per year. This is not due to a limitation in capacity within our building.

We have expanded our practice to allow more patients to access essential dental treatment at prices similar to that on the NHS.

Hallcross essentials feeNHS fee
Examination £30Examination band 1: £26.80
Fillings: 1-3 fillings using amalgam or similar material non composite £98.70

Over 3 fillings and each amalgam fillings is charged at an addition £35

Fillings: amalgam fillings, NHS band 2 charge of £73.50
Extractions 1-3 teeth needed extraction charged at £98.70

Additional teeth needed extraction charged at an additional £35

Extractions: NHS band 2 charge of £73.50
Dentures: £350 per archDentures: NHS band 3 charge of £319.10
Crowns: single metal crowns only £350 additional crowns charged at same feeCrowns: NHS band 3 charge £319.10
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