CEREC Crowns & Inlays/ Onlays

You can now have a New Tooth in One Day

CEREC® is a sophisticated CAD/CAM system for the production of all-ceramic crowns and inlays/ onlays for front and back teeth.

The traditional way for us to provide you with a new crown is for us to take an impression of your ‘prepared’ tooth, and then to send this off to our dental laboratory for our technician to make a new crown for you. This usually takes around two weeks and requires you to wear a temporary crown whilst your new crown is being made. Now, in addition to having your new smile in just one day, there are also many other benefits to this treatment:

  • No temporary restorations needed
  • No impressions required
  • Aesthetic – made to match the shape and colour of your existing tooth
  • Long lasting – based on over 25 years of research and millions of restorations placed world-wide

How does CEREC work?

CEREC is a revolutionary system that enables us as your dentist to design, fabricate and fit a new crown or inlay/ onlay on the same day.

We will prepare your tooth in the same way as a conventional crown. However, instead of taking a traditional 'putty' impression of the tooth, digital images are taken with a specifically designed CEREC camera to create a very precise 3D computerised model of your tooth. We will then use this model to design your new crown or inlay/ onlay.

Once we are happy with the design, the data is sent to our onsite milling machine that creates your new crown or inlay/ onlay. Once the crown or inlay/ onlay has been milled we can then add final tweaks in order to ensure it matches your surrounding teeth, making it look as natural as possible before glazing it in a furnace. Your new crown or inlay/ onlay will then be cemented into place... all within a few hours.

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