How Certain Foods Can Whiten Your Teeth


“We all know that the best way to cosmetically whiten teeth is to have them done professionally by your Leicester dentist. The best way to clean your teeth, under the gum and between is with help from your Leicester dental hygienist and her instruments (not forgetting home cleaning too). Did you know, though, that some fruit and veg can actually help to keep your teeth clean and white!? Obviously there is no substitute for you cleaning twice a day with brush but it’s always nice to know that other things can help do their bit too! Take a look at this:

1) Strawberries- these juicy delights can help to remove surface discolouration, naturally whitening the teeth.

2) Seeds and nuts: The crunchiness rubs plaque from the tooth surface and are also full of protein and healthy fat.

3) Celery and carrots: Again, nice and crunchy to rub away plaque and they also stimulate saliva production which helps to wash away food debris (which the plaque bacteria love when not removed!)

4) Cheese: Not only is it full of calcium therefore good for our teeth and bones, but it also neutralizes the plaque acid in the mouth after consuming something sugary. Eating cheese after sweets, or a sugary drink produces a film over the teeth, therefore protecting them from any sugar acid attacks. Plus its delicious!

So, fill up on cheese and strawberries- they’re good for your teeth!!”

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