A Confident Smile With Leicester Cerec Crowns


Dental crowns can bring fantastic results. Whether for restoration purposes due to a broken tooth or just to improve a patients smile, they can be an excellent cosmetic investment. As you may know, one of the negatives to having a crown made is the length of time between appointments. Your impression, or mould has to be sent off to the lab for your crown to be made and there is generally a two week wait whilst you wear a temporary crown, spending most of the time worrying if it’s going to fall off or not. The Cerec crown system eliminates all of these concerns. The process allows your dentist to prep your tooth and use state of the art technology to take a digital image, meaning there is no need for messy impressions. The image is then used with 3D technology to design and fabricate a perfectly fitting crown which will look and feel like a natural tooth. The best is yet to come. The treatment is completed in one day. How fantastic is that? Everything is manufactured in house and you can walk away with a new smile in less than 24 hours! How good does that sound? If you’d like more information, check out the Cerec crown section on our website or call us to book a free cosmetic consultation.

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