Dental Implants Leicester: the most natural way to replace missing teeth.


Tooth loss from injury, decay or gum disease will give you serious consequences. Not only through appearance, but also it can cause psychological problems and affect quality of life. Millions of adults result in tooth loss per year, but now with dental implants it is less of a problem.  Implant retained crowns or dentures are a long lasting way to restore health and confidence to a person.

Tooth loss causes bone loss and a shift in the alignment of your teeth due to movement.  It may also affect your eating patterns and even how you talk.

The best way to replace missing teeth is with a dental implant, this has many advantages for patients who no longer want removable dentures, they can give a permanent solution to fill  gap and are natural looking, long lasting and secure as well as comfortable.

Dental implants integrate into your own bone and become a part of you and give a fixed base for replacement teeth.

The benefits of implants are:

Restored chewing functions

Durable and long lasting

Improved speech

Will help provide you with confidence and a health smile.

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