Our Dental Team and The Whitening Toothpaste


We’ve all been there. Sucked in by toothpaste adverts on the telly that promise us whiter teeth in seven days. I’ve been there and tried them- they didn’t whiten my teeth. They probably control any potential discolouration, but that’s about it. Most of our Leicester dental team have had some professional teeth whitening at some stage but we always like to know ways of maintaining a shiny smile in between whitening top ups. Anyway, you may remember my blog last week about our lunch and learn and the new black toothpaste which Jay and Chhaya had kindly bought for all the team to try. Our rep assured us, it is not a gimmick, it actually whitens the teeth. I’ve been using my toothpaste for about 4 days now and the feeling you get after brushing is fantastic. My teeth feel so clean! I must admit, I did use my regular paste to clean my tongue and the hard to reach areas but so far so good with the black toothpaste. I do feel that my teeth are looking slightly whiter…watch this space for more updates further down the line.

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