How Healthy Teeth and Gums Mean a Healthier You


If you maintain regular dental visits to your Leicester dentist and hygienist here at Hallcross then that is a good thing. If you brush correctly twice a day and use floss and Tepes to clean between the teeth on a daily basis, fantastic. What’s not so great is the risk of gum disease and what it can do to not only your teeth, but the rest of your body. An untreated infection in the gums can cause intense gum inflammation. According to an article on NHS Choices,  such an inflammation can affect the bodies bloodstream, damaging blood vessels in the heart and brain over time. Such damage can cause serious health problems such as heart disease, diabetes or a stroke. It is so so important to keep your mouth clean, your teeth and your gums, for the sake of your overall health. If you are concerned, book in to see your dentist and arrange a thorough clean with your hygienist. Otherwise, ensure that you maintain regular dental appointments to keep on top of your oral health.

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