How Stress and Anxiety may be Affecting your Teeth


It’s no secret that stress takes it’s toll on our health.. but what about our teeth? Stress and anxiety can cause teeth grinding and it seems even celebrities aren’t safe from the affects. Demi Moore recently admitted she has lost two teeth due to stress.

Teeth Grinding

Excessive teeth grinding or clenching of the jaw is called bruxism, and in many cases people are unaware they are doing it. It can often happen during the night or at times of stress or concentration. If left unchecked, bruxism can wear your teeth down over time, and also lead to sensitivity and even broken teeth.

How can you Protect your Teeth from the Affects of Stress?

CerezenTM can permanently prevent the problems through its unique in-ear placement and therefore, effectively relieve the symptoms of teeth clenching and jaw pain. Treatment at Hallcross is carried out by our registered Cerezen provider – Dr Habib Akram.

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