How Leicester Invisalign Can Work For You


Invisalign is an extremely popular choice of orthodontic treatment here at our Leicester dental practice and it’s easy to see why. The aligners are virtually invisible, are custom made and removable (for eating, brushing and flossing) and give fantastic results as well as fitting in with your lifestyle. Patients adapt well to the aligners, taking them only a day or two to bed in. The great thing about this particular treatment is that you can see how your teeth will look after treatment, before you’ve even started, through the power of ClinCheck! ClinCheck virtually shows you how your teeth will move into the desired position so you can see your perfect smile at the start! Come and see us for a free consultation (available every Thursday) or book in for an assessment (appointments available on Tuesdays). We can also make your treatment more affordable with our 0% finance offer. Come and see us and we can talk through your options!

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