Leicester Orthodontic Patient Testimonial Coming Soon!


Recently my friend had her brace removed. She had been thinking about correcting her overbite and having her teeth straightened for a long time. I suggested she come here and see Leicester orthodontist Chhaya here at Hallcross for a consultation. I’d previously discussed a few options with my friend, like Invisalign and Incognito just so she could get an idea of what was available. Following her consultation, after seeing the various types of appliances and how they would work best for her, my friend decided to go for a ceramic (tooth coloured) fixed brace to get the best results. After a year of wearing the fixed brace, the outcome was met and my friend had her brace removed. She was fitted with a fixed retainer and provided with removable ones also. She has kindly agreed to give us some feedback in the form of a testimonial to share her experience of wearing a brace and a little about her journey, before, during and after treatment, so watch this space!

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