Leicester Orthodontics – Is Invisalign For You?


Braces. Associated with metal train tracks, feeling uncomfortable and talking a bit funny. Not any more! There are now so many different orthodontic treatments, there is one to suit everyone’s needs. We are extremely lucky to be able to offer our patients such treatments as Invisalign and Incognito, known as the ‘invisible braces’. We also offer the traditional fixed metal brace and for those who want a more subtle fixed appliance,we have the tooth coloured brace, also. So, Invisalign. Its the only removable brace you can have and the best part is- no one will even know you are wearing a brace. Invisalign consists of a range of custom made clear trays (a mould is taken to ensure the perfect fit). The aligners are comfortable, much more aesthetic than metal braces and as aforementioned, they are virtually invisible. You will need to remove your aligners for eating, then brush and floss before placing them back in your mouth and the most important thing is your commitment to the treatment- they will only straighten your teeth if worn correctly for the length of time advised by your orthodontist. Don’t be tempted to have days off here and there. If you would like to discuss your options and learn a little more, come and see us for a free consultation. Our free consultations are available with orthodontic lead Alex every Thursday!

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