Leicester Orthodontics – Maintaining Healthy Teeth


At our Leicester dental practice, we are lucky enough to be able to offer our patients orthodontic treatment in house. Our orthodontic department runs every Tuesday and Thursday and in addition to treating Hallcross patients, we also accept referrals from other dental practices all over the county. It’s important to remember when coming to us to have your brace treatment that you maintain regular check ups with your own dentist as well. If anything, your teeth are at greater risk during orthodontics as with traditional fixed appliances, they are harder to keep clean. Ensure that you use all of the correct brushes and interdental aids so that you can maintain a good level of oral hygiene. With braces which are removable, like Invisalign, your oral health should not suffer as your cleaning regime need not change. Poor gum health and tooth decay can also interfere with ortho treatment hence why it is so important to maintain dental check ups throughout along with excellent oral health.

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