Perfect Smiles With Discreet Orthodontics Leicester


Nowadays, wearing a brace doesn’t have to be uncomfortable or unsightly. Here at our Leicester dental practice, orthodontist Chhaya Patel offers a wide range of braces for you to have your teeth straightened as discreetly as you’d like. Take Invisalign, for example. This treatment consists of a series of custom made clear aligners, worn over the teeth to gently move them over time into the desired position. The Invisalign appliance is clear, comfortable and removable. No one will notice you are wearing a brace and the end result will be perfectly straight teeth! In our Leicester orthodontics department here at Hallcross, we also offer the Incognito treatment. Again, Incognito is not visible to others as the custom made brackets are fixed to the back surface of the teeth for the duration of treatment. This is is an ideal option for patients wishing to straighten teeth discreetly with a fitted appliance. The list is endless, depending on what you are hoping to achieve and what sort of brace you would be comfortable and happy with. Come and see us for a free consultation with orthodontic lead Alex. Following that you can book for an assessment with orthodontist Chhaya to begin treatment records. If you would like to go straight for the assessment, bypassing the free consultation then that’s fine too. Just call our patient care team and do what works best for you. Remember there is no age limit in orthodontics and straightening teeth for the perfect smile is now more popular than ever!

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