Safely Remove Stubborn Stains with Professional Whitening


Teeth can become stained or darkened over a period of time due to a number of factors such as age, smoking, or drinking tea, coffee and red wine…

If you are brushing and flossing twice a day, but still feel that your smile is not as bright as you would like, then our professional teeth whitening treatment may be of an interest to you.

Teeth Whitening treatment at Hallcross Dental is carried out by our qualified dental professionals, and is strong enough to remove stubborn stains that can not be removed by brushing along – but that will not weaken or damage your teeth. We only use dental products that are supported by extensive clinical studies and that we would be happy to have in our own mouths.

What does Teeth Whitening treatment Involve?

Your first step when getting your teeth whitened is an initial consultation with your dentist – to ensure you are dentally fit for whitening treatment before we begin. If so, a dental impression is then taken and custom trays made from this impression and so that your new trays fit your teeth exactly.

For optimum results, this will ensure that you get a very even and thorough coverage of gel on your teeth whilst wearing your trays. Finally, we will show you how to use your new whitening trays and gels at home as well as provide you with ‘instructions for use and aftercare’ to take away.

As a guideline, we advise that it usually takes up to 7 to 10 days to see any noticeable effects of treatment and the level of whiteness you achieve will depend on your diet and the porosity of your teeth.

Transform your Smile with a little help from Hallcross Dental Practice

As dental practice in Wigston, Leicester that offers a wide range of cosmetic dental treatments of the highest standard, at Hallcross we have transformed the smiles, and confidence, of hundreds of patients over the years.

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