Six Celebrities Go Sugar Free In New TV Show


“Remember that time not so long ago some of our Leicester dental team members gave up sugar for a week? (I think we actually lasted five days…) well there’s a new series on ITV which shows six celebrities giving up sugar for two weeks. The self confessed sugar addicts basically have to go cold turkey, living and working on a farm for two weeks, producing their own food (vegetables etc). It’s simple enough to cut out things which obviously contain a lot of sugar, like fizzy drinks, chocolate, sweets etc but some foods have hidden sugars that we are not typically aware of. It’s important to be aware of hidden sugars to avoid having restorative dental work and to maintain a good level of oral hygiene. Some foods which contain hidden sugars are as follows:

Pasta sauces, soup, salad dressing, bread, milk, breakfast smoothies and cereal bars, yoghurts, ready meals, canned or dried fruit.

That’s not even half! I’ll be tuning in again to see how the celebs are getting on. If you want to catch ‘Sugar Free Farm’ tune into ITV on Tuesday at 8pm.”

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