What To Do If You Suffer From Bad Breath


Many things can cause bad breath- medical conditions, a love of garlic, or bacteria in the mouth, present between the teeth and a coating on the tongue. The first thing to check is whether or not you have gum disease. This is caused by poor oral hygiene and a build up of plaque bacteria between and around the teeth. Gum disease is one of the main causes of bad breath and will need to be treated by your Leicester hygienist and then your teeth maintained with professional cleaning at least every six months. Regular check ups with your dentist will also help to detect any early signs of poor gum health. Some cleaning tips to help your mouth stay fresh are to clean daily with Tepe brushes and floss (obviously in addition to brushing for two minutes twice a day). This will remove any food debris and plaque from between the teeth. Use an anti bacterial mouthwash to flush the bacteria away and brush the tongue to remove any coating which may be present there. Don’t forget to maintain regular dental check ups and hygiene appointments in order to keep on top of your oral health. Would you tell anyone they had bad breath or would they tell you? Don’t take the chance, tackle it today!

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